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this bitch is from SINGAPORE! ;)
DID you see THAT HOLE?!?.. he probably can fit 2 cocks in there!!!

Sg bitch? What’s his name? Yea I was attracted by that hole too heehe

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chatted with a nice person today… hope to know more abt the person in days to come lol…

the person actually knows the person in my dp hmmm..

good night :)

omgkimrpme said: Please come my blog And I want 2nd man video Can you upload video...?

ohh.. hehe now i got it.. i dun think i have the vid u wanted ;( anyone has?

can you upload the skype vid of the second guy. I think the one you said you want the vid for lol

// A little note to SGHBST//


It looks like your site has finally gone.
I would like to say a big thank you for your contribution for the past many months. You certainly brought much joy to us, our eyes, our hands, our wildest fantasies, and most importantly… kept us company and gave us something to look forward to after a long day’s work (or long night’s sleep).
Again, you were my inspiration to start SGStarBoys✭.
And we surely look forward to the possibility that you will return someday.


He is not gone..

omgkimrpme said: 스카이프 두번째남자 영상 있으시면 올려주세요ㅠ

oh dear.. i dunno korean.. anyone can translate?

submission… jon and chris

anyone knows them?

Fuck I want this vid haha

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Sg cute guy. Anyone wanna do him?

Hmm he do me maybe?


I heard he’s pretty popular but I haven’t seen his nudes anywhere .

I do haha

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